2 Hour Tunic, Colour Block Variation

Yet another 2 hour tunic, completeversion of MacPhee Workshop pattern # 336, 2 Hour Tunic. 

I get sew inspired by simple patternzulily colour blocks that I know will fit me!

The picture at the right showed up in my “inbox” one morning, yup, an advertisement, but it inspired me.   

The fabric department had many hidden treasures, especially in garment fabrics.  I found 2 pieces that went well together, both stretchy.  The print is a stretch “beggar” with a black background and the dark is a stretchy ribbed velour in deep black.  It would work for the neckband and armbands, too! 

1 meter of the beggar and 1/2 meter of the velour got past my hubby and to the sewing room.

This variation would make great use of an out-of-style- sweater, too. I don’t have any, but dropped in at one of our local thrift shops and they had a few.

I also see it as a “deconstruction” project, and have all the seams on the outside.

Here’s my original tutorial of this pattern.

I’m putting together a tutorial, and will post it soon.  Be sure to subscribe to sewwhatyvette, then you’ll know when I update the information.  (top right of this page)


8 thoughts on “2 Hour Tunic, Colour Block Variation”

  1. Beautiful!!! I’m a thrift shopper… I can see this done with scraps of sweaters… nice and comfy for the winter – paired with some leggings!!!1

  2. I would like to see an example of the cowl- which is included with the basic pattern. I think it is made to be a separate part; would like to see if anyone else (besides me) thinks it would be great attached?

  3. Okay- made the tunic WITH attached cowl. Extended the sleeves (added a piece) plus a band for a cuff. I used a sweater knit (on clearance, of course!) – turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. And I would DEFINITELY want to attach the cowl. Otherwise, it is going to travel when you wear it; so hard telling where it ends up! I think this is my 5th or 6 version of the tunic; love it love it!

    1. Thanks for the update Mary. I made another 2 this week, my daughter now owns the store I started, and got in a new shipment of stretch fabrics. While making the cowl, did you come up with a way of attaching it, or changing up the pattern to include it?

      1. I just cut the highest neckline choice on the pattern; assembled the cowl as per instructions; ease-stitched around bottom of cowl. Then pinned and attached. Had to ease quite a bit, but that would partly be due to the sweater-knit I choose. I think it will be a great dressy tunic-sweater dress for winter. Deep purple color; cost about $4 – what more could I want!

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