3461 Éléonore Pull-On Jeans



It was this picture that caught my attention first.  Wow, I thought, these are awesome jeans!  (I like that fabric, too!)  THEN I read the description; Pull-on jeans!  The best of both worlds! 

I read the reviews: (click here) then bought the pattern.    I already had a piece of stretch twill, pre-washed and ready to sew.  Black.  Cat hair magnet.  Anyway…..

Before I traced off my size, (I never cut a master pattern), I checked the “rise”.  It’s a “below the waist fit”.  Not for me.  Three children, a few years, an appreciation of wine, you get the drift.

I added 2 inches to the rise, then made these jeans.  The instructions are fantastic.  Hint:  I print the instructions from the Jalie website so I can keep it handy beside my machine.  One other change I made was to shorten the elastic by 2 inches for both the front and back.  I wanted to avoid “plumbers’ crack”.

I completed the jeans, tried them on, and OMG, I LOVE them.  The fit is perfect.  (Almost) 

On the next pair I changed the rise adjustment from 2 inches to 1 1/2 inches.   And changed the front false pocket to a real one.  And not use black fabric.  It doesn’t photograph well.  So this is my next pair, in a stretch denim.


The photo doesn’t do the fabric justice.   It’s a rich denim blue with 20% stretch, perfect for this pattern.

IMG_3841I added real pockets to the fronts.  The original pattern has an insert to give the illusion of a pocket which gave me a starting point.  To keep bulk to a minimum, I used a cotton print for the lining.  If you’d like a detailed description of how I drew and sewed the pockets, please email me at:   yvettechilcott(at)yahoo(dot)ca  with your request and I’ll write it up.

pieces for pocketAll my top stitching was done using Sulky 12 weight cotton and a Schmetz twin needle size 100/6mm. 

Schmetz 6.0 100back pocketspocket topstitched

I recently became a Husqvarna Viking Epic owner, and have been sewing up a storm.  These jeans gave me a reason to finally open the embroidery unit.  This raw edge applique design is one of the many that are included in the machine.  I embroidered 3 flowers in total, 2 are design size and 1 enlarged.  I used the reverse side of the denim for the applique and a Sulky variegated rayon embroidery thread.

Machine Embroidery on jeans leg

8 thoughts on “3461 Éléonore Pull-On Jeans”

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for the kind words. I think Laura can fit me in for early spring where we’ll do a capri version. Please let Pine Ridge Knit & Sew staff that you are interested, thanks in advance.

  1. What a rave review! When you say that you lengthened the rise- did you lengthen both in the front and back, or only the back? I’m ready to give these a try!

  2. I would also like to see your tutorial on how to add the 1 1/2 inch to the rise but can’t seem to find it on the curvy sewing collective. I made a cropped pair of these pants and they were quite low as well as too big on the waist. So do I just cut the elastic smaller and stretch to fit? Thanks for your help, Joanne

  3. Hi Joanne, I cut the elastic 2 inches shorter, both front and back. My tutorial on lengthening the rise was part of the February Pant Month on the Curvy Collective, and I think if you use the search function on the site you’ll find it. If you can’t, please let me know and I’ll help you locate it.

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