Adding Pockets to Wrap Pants by MacPhee Workshop

My hubby and I are going on vacation this weekend, to a warm place with sand, sun and drinks with little umbrellas in them.

Awesome, I know.  I’m excited and going through my clothes deciding what to pack.  And what to sew.  I love to make at least one new garment for vacation, and decided to change up a pair of wrap pants that I made last year.

I made #407 Wrap Pants by MacPhee workshop last summer out of a gorgeous white crinkle cotton, and although they were “ok”, I wasn’t excited by them.  The fabric was a bit too heavy and they didn’t drape well.  A make-over was in order.  I cut off the waist ties, then re-cut the legs for the other option in Linda’s pattern, the pans with the seam down the front. 

The cut off pieces were more than large enough for pockets.  (You need pockets when you’re on vacation.)

IMG_2540Here’s the shape I drew, 3 inches across the top, 10 inches down the right side, 8″ across the bottom and 5″ up the left.  A curve large enough for my hand finished it.

I serge finished all edges except for the 3″ IMG_2541and 10″, they’ll go into seams.  Then turn under the curved serged edge, top-stitch and press.  Turn under the bottom and 5″ side by about 3/8″ and press.

Pin the wrong side of each pocket to the right side of the back, lining the 3″ side with the top of the pants and the unfinished edge even with the long seam.

IMG_2543Top-stitch the 5″ side and along the bottom.

With right sides together, join the front seams, catching the unfinished edges of the pockets in the seam.


I had already cut the front down by about an inch to make it a more flattering fit, then used a piece of elastic for the waist.  I joined the short ends with the sewing machine, then quarter pinned it and the waist area.  I used my serger to join the elastic to the pants, making sure my blade didn’t nick the elastic.

Done, because they were already hemmed in the first incarnation.

They’re loose with wide legs, perfect for a warm climate.  I’ve made many of these over the years, both full length and capri length, and love them all.

finishedHave you made these?   What do you think of this unusual pattern?







6 thoughts on “Adding Pockets to Wrap Pants by MacPhee Workshop”

  1. You have inspired me to order the pants pattern and the new tunic pattern from McPhee’s, I’ve ordered a coat pattern, moccasin and mitten making pattern and also a book on moccasin making. But I sure do like the way you added the pockets on your pants. I live in Northern Alberta four hours out of Edmonton. I would like to go to the McPhee shop but it seems there is no time when I do get to Edmonton. I love to sew, but it’s difficult to find the time although I’m supposed to be retired. LOL!!! I got to your site from the McPhee web site, hope you do not mind, me checking it out. Have a wonderful summer..

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