Barbie Boutique

Just for the record, I have no grandchildren.  So I rather enjoy other people’s grandchildren.  One of my friends has a daughter who had a beautiful baby girl 5 years ago.  !!!  Really?  5 years?  yes. 

Although she now lives far away, through the magic of face-book I have kept up some of the “moments” of her life. 

Enter; her first Barbie.

OMG, my “grandmotherly instincts” have me designing and sewing Barbie clothes.  Insane.  But loads of fun.

So, first, I bought myself a Barbie. I didn’t want to spend too much money, (I’m retired you know, and on a pension) so I chose the lowest priced one at Walmart.  Her bathing suit is painted on so her straps sometimes show.

blue dress


I’ve had sew much fun making 2-hour tunics for me that I knew Barbie would like some, too.    This one’s dress length.



blue hi low top




Here’s a shorter one with a pair of navy leggings.





And a red one, with red pants , too.  Click the links below for the pants and top

loose pants for barbie

knit pants 

denim dress

simple fleece jacket




coat outfit dress

A couple of strapless dresses, and an evening coat.

coat outfit front
coat outfit
coat outfit side

I found a piece of sequined trim, and here’s where that ended up.

dress with sequins

And of course I had to crochet something.

crochet sweater and long skirt

A few partially assembled garments ended up in the garbage.  You sure don’t sew Barbie clothes in the same sequence as human clothes.

Some tips:

  • Use a new needle
  • Use the smallest needle you can thread
  • I used a stretch 75/11 (and the needle threader on my machine wouldn’t thread it.)
  • Keep it simple.  Pants do not need side seams.
  • Sew the front seam, then make a casing for the elastic.
  • Add the elastic, anchor it at both ends, then sew the back seam.
  • Clear elastic is wonderful, I used the 1/4″ wide stuff.
  • Hem the pants before you sew the inseam.
  • Hem the sleeves before you sew the side-seams.
  • Some knit fabrics are too stretchy.  In the garbage.
  • Add a center front seam if you want a V-neck. 
  • Finish the neck first, then sew up the center front seam.
  • Velcro comes in lots of colours.  I used 3/4 inch and cut it in half length-ways.
  • You’ll never look at your fabric scraps the same way again.
  • Wonder Tape is a lifesaver.
  • Fine glass headed pins are a lifesaver.
  • Twizzers are a lifesaver.
  • One of my cats drove me insane.  He kept running away with the new clothes.  And tried running away with Barbie.  He was dragging her by her hair!!!!!! Rock.
  • If your sewing machine wants to eat your fabric, slide a piece of tissue paper underneath your seam.

Have I inspired you?  I’m going to put the patterns up in PDF’s.  Want them?

Have you made Barbie clothes?

Are you going to? 

I’d love to hear from you.




9 thoughts on “Barbie Boutique”

  1. Beautiful Yvette. Yes, I once made Barbie doll clothes and sold them. Made enough money to buy my husband a suit for Christmas. That was in 1968.

    Could not, would not do that now

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