BLT, Best of Linda’s Tops, #311 wrapped

Oh my!  Wrap dresses are really popular and they look great.  On other women.

I hate the way they look on me.  I’m tall, 5ft 10 in.   Middle aged.  A bit lumpy.  But Laura keeps on about wrap dresses.  “You should make one”,  I kept hearing.

OK, fine.  I made a lot of tops a few years ago using  MacPhee Workshop “Best of Linda’s Tops”, #311.  It looked like a wrap top, but with no chance of a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.  I liked the way it fit, there was enough fabric at the “wrap-over”, and it didn’t cling.  There’s a bit of fullness at the neck and it’s flattering.

On everyone of Linda’s patterns is this “Liberation License”

Linda Liberation LicenseSew what’s stopping me?

blt sleevelessI have a great piece of knit, and I have a plan.  I’m going to make a wrap dress using this pattern as a starting point.

alternate colourIt’s cut out, partly sewn and sew far, sew good.

Come back tomorrow for my tutorial.

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