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Wanted: Piping Plovers


Florida vacationers, snowbirds or residents, we are searching for the winter location of the 3 PRESQU’ILE PIPING PLOVERS.

We recently found, through Social Media, the location of the mother and believe it is also possible to locate the 3 Presqu’ile chicks.

When you take a stroll along the beach and notice a banded Piping Plover, take a picture of the bands and who knows, it could be a Presqu’ile one.

It would make the Presqu’ile Piping Plover Monitors, who are staying behind with the Snowy Owl, very happy.

Start Seedlings on a Budget

‘Tis the Season!  I eagerly wait for spring to arrive, pouring over seed catalogues, sharing seeds with friends, and planning my garden.

saved seeds

Over the years I start more and more of my vegie seeds indoors in an attempt to save money.   For the last few months the pile of stuff that’s accumulating on my spare table is growing steadily.  Normally this stuff goes into my recycling bins but this time of year they’ll become seedling trays.

plastic seed trays

One year when I mentioned to one of my daughters that I was planning to make pots out of folded newspaper, she suggested bathroom tissue rolls cut in half and set into trays.  No need to crimp the bottoms, just set them into a tray and carefully fill with soil.  The roots will hold everything together.

paper rolls

Take-out coffee cups work well, too.  Cut in half, I get 2 for 1.  My serrated bread knife makes cutting these easy, just watch your fingers!

2 for 1 from paper cup

These little yogurt containers will make great pots, too.  I’ll poke some drainage holes in the bottom first.

yogurt containers

I share my home with a very patient hubby and 2 rambunctious cats.  My hubby would probably let me put plant trays anywhere, but it’s a different story with the cats, so they go into my sewing room on a cleared shelf.  It’s a metal grid shelf unit, so I can easily hang a light fixture over the seedlings.

growing shelf

My light fixture is a “work-shop” light that takes 2 florescent tubes and has attached chains for hanging it up.  The chains make it easy for me to raise the light as the seedlings grow.  I keep it on for 12 hours a day.light

And, I can close the door.  Cat-proof.

I started some sorrel this way with a blue cheese container to catch the extra water.  They are very leggy from lack of light, so I’m going to start a new batch under the light in the sewing room.  This will be my first attempt at growing sorrel and the seeds came up quickly.

blue cheese and paper rolls

Do you start your seeds indoors too?  Are you going to try to grow something new or different this season?