Colourful Child’s Hat

colourful childs hatI taught this hat pattern as a machine knitting class back in the spring of 2000.

It’s designed for a single bed mid-gauge or chunky, but rib could be substituted for the 2 x 1 mock ribbed cuff.

My youngest stepson wore it for many years, and it looked great on him.

Since bringing all my “stuff” home when I sold Pine Ridge Knit & Sew to my daughter, I’ve been going through my notebooks and backed up files.  I found this and thought you machine knitters might like it.

The price on this download is going up to $1.33 USF immediately to cover the 33 cent fee that paypal keeps for every transaction. 

I’d love some feedback, did you knit it, are you going to knit it, do the instructions make any sense?

email me at yvettechilcott at

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