Easy Fabric Wallet with Pockets

This idea has been growing  in my brain for a while now, and finally it bore fruit.  I’m not the sort of gal that carries a purse with me, but I do need my essentials; small note-book, cash, and cards.fabric wallet with pockets

fabric wallet with pockets

fabric wallet with pockets

I designed it with 3 pockets inside and a snap closure to keep it closed.




Here’s how:

Cut a piece of pattern paper 5 1/2 inches wide by 20 inches long.  Fold it in half longways and use a small plate, bowl or container to trace a curve for the top.  Trace, cut through both layers,

then unfold.


With a ruler, mark both edges, measuring from the straight edge: 6.25 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches, and 18 inches.

At the 18 inch, just mark the edges.  At 15 inches, draw a line and call it “A”.  At 12 inches, draw a line and call it “B”.  At 9 inches, draw a line and call it “C”.  At the 6.25 draw a line and call it “D”.


Pin the paper to your lining, or inner fabric, cut out and transfer all the lines and marks to the right side of the fabric.

With wrong sides of fabric together, fold at lines “D” and “B” then press in a crease.  With the right side of the fabric up, bring the “D” fold up to meet the “B” fold, but just 1/4 inch below it.  Then bring both folds up to meet the mark at 18″.  The lines at “C” and “A” will fold to the inside.  Press well and pin to hold all layers together.

folded lining

This folded piece is the pattern for the outer fabric and the fusible fleece.  


Pin the right side of the pocket piece to the right side of the outer fabric and cut out.  Do the same for the fusible fleece.  Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the outer fabric, (please use your imagination and pretend that you see it.)


Sew both layers together with 1/4 inch seam allowance, starting and stopping on the straight end, about an inch and a half from the corner to leave an opening for turning. 

Watch that it all lays flat, oops.oopsClip the corners and along the curves.  The curves are easily done with pinking shears.  Before turning, fold and press both the lining and the outer fabric seam allowance toward the wrong side of each fabric along the seam line.  Turn to the right side out, poking out the corners to make them sharp, and press well.

Stitching close to the edge of the fabric, sew across the entire straight edge, which will close the opening.  I sewed with the outer fabric up. 

note; if your fabric colours are different for the lining and the outer fabric, you might need to change your bobbin colour from here on in.

finished bottom

Fold the bottom up toward the top, it should just barely cover the top edge of the pockets.  Pin and sew the sides, forming the wallet.

finished wallet with pockets

Add snaps to keep it closed.  I used plastic snaps, positioning the outer one about 1/2 inch above the edge of the fabric, then putting the inner one on last.

I’m a real fan of these plastic snaps, they attach easily, are very secure, are machine wash and dryable, and come in loads of colours.  I used to buy them locally, but now get them from Amazon.ca, here’s a link for more information.

After making the one shown above, I had another brain wave, to add a small strap with a couple of snaps to attach my keys, or to attach the wallet to a belt loop.

fabric wallet with pockets and loop

Here’s how I went about it.  I cut a piece of fabric 2 inches by 6 inches.  Press the short ends in by 1/4 inch, then press in half with wrong sides together, longways.

strap in half longways

Open the strap out and press each raw edge to the inner fold.  Refold in the middle and press well.

strap pressed

Edge-stitch 1/8 from the edge.

edge stitched strap

Fold in half and press well.  Position the strap on the outer wallet piece, so it lays just above the pocket, having the fold even with the outer edge of the fabric.img_4268

Pin the folded lining fabric on top and proceed to sew and finish as the above wallet.  I put a snap on each strap end so I could attach it to something.fabric wallet with pockets and loop

These are a great scrap-buster and I’m going to make plenty more of them.  The link below will open a one-page PDF that’s printable.  Have fun!




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  1. Hi Yvette! What a neat idea! Love it and so handy. Could even double as a makeup bag as well!
    Please add Cheryl to your blog! Have told here much about it! Thanks Heather

  2. Another Great idea ! Maybe I will make it at Sewing Social on Tuesday! Great little purse to put Gift cards in for Xmas!

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