Fun and Done, 2 hour Tunic

doneA great selection of stretch knits arrived.

I love them all, want them all,  but set a personal limit of 3 (for now).

If you’re at all nervous about sewing/serging on stretch fabrics, don’t be.

I cut this tunic out on Saturday, and had a few sewing minutes to myself today.  It took less than an hour, started fusing the interfacing to the neck edge then finished taking pictures.

sergeAt the left you can see where I fused on the interfacing.  (I use a fusible knit, cut into 1 inch wide strips across the stretch.)

My serger was set up for a 4-thread overlock, and I joined the shoulders and side seams, as shown, as well as serged around the edge of the neck.  I didn’t cut any fabric off, just “trimmed the whiskers”.

I like to finish the sleeve hems and bottom of this tunic with a rolled edge.  A decorative thread in the upper looper adds a designer touch, and I found the perfect thread for the job.  YLI Pearl Crown Rayon is a highly twisted thread-like cord. This decorative thread is designed serger loopers, bobbinwork, hand application or couching.  I had a part cone of chocolate brown. Perfect.  I lengthened the stitch a bit to accomodate the thicker thread, also loosened off the tension on the upper looper.  Awesome.  Serged the bottom of each sleeve and the hem then applied a drop of Fray-Check at the spot where I began and ended.  When it was dry I cut off the thread tail.pearl crown rayon rolled edge  Note that I turned the corners instead of zooming off and starting again.  It’s a great skill to have, and worth practicing.

At the sewing machine I finished off the neckline by turning 1/2 inch to the inside and top-stitching using the lightning stitch.

This print also comes in a burnt orange and brown, I have some of that, too.alternate colour  Wait till you see what I did with it!

This pattern comes in many sizes and is a great beginner project.  Have you made one (or more) yet?

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    1. Hi Sheila, the lightning stitch is a narrow form of zigzag that zigs left, then goes back to the right straight across. It’s stretchy, but looks like a straight stitch when the seam allowance is pressed open.

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