The Ginger-Bug

I’m obsessed.

With ginger and fermented foods.


Among other things.

I decided to start a ginger bug.  I grated about 2 tablespoons of fresh, unpeeled ginger into a jar.  Added 2 cups of tap water and 2 tablespoons of organic sugar (from Natural Sequence here in Trenton).

Then covered it with a tissue held with a rubber band.

The next morning I added another teaspoon of ginger and sugar, stirred, (and tasted it).  Nice, sweet, and gingery.

On day three I again added ginger and sugar.  (and tasted it).  Nice, sweet, gingery, and maybe a bit effervescent.  Hmmmm, just what I’m hoping for.

Afternoon of day 3, the cat that behaves more like a squirrel came flying out of nowhere, skidded across the counter and knocked the jar over.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  What a mess.  I WAS able to save about half of it, so added water, sugar and more ginger.

On day 5 it was amazing.  Slight hint of sweetness, VERY gingery, and effervescent.  When I stir it, I can hear and see the bubbles.

ginger bubblesJust look at those bubbles! 

ginger bugNow what?



Have you made this?  What did you do with yours?

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Ginger Bug




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