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And here’s my tale;  Many years ago I bought a used knitting machine from a friend.  I was a “stay at home mother of 2” at the time, so money was tight.  It cost the equivalent of one month’s “Baby Bonus”. 

Once I got the hang of machine knitting I had an OMG moment every time I used it.  I LOVED machine knitting and the word got out that I knew how to use that darned thing.  Soon people began asking for lessons, I upgraded to a new machine, and history began in my basement. 

I had another child, so then there were 3.  The machine knitting lessons became a regular event, and soon my basement had yarn and machine knitting patterns for sale.  There were days when my girls would come home from school to find a house full of ladies machine knitting. 

At that time I was also growing vegetables and baking to sell at the Port Hope Farmer’s Market.  My children got up at the crack of dawn with me on Saturdays from May to October, and accompanied me to Port Hope.  My mother was also a vendor there, she sold their honey and excess vegetables from her garden.  They were great times.

Pine Ridge Knitting Machines out-grew the basement and went store-front to Baltimore, just north of Cobourg, Ontario.  Sewing machines and sergers were added and the name of the business changed to Pine Ridge Knit & Sew.  On PA days and school holidays my children came to the store with me, and there was a cot for sick days, too.

Time passed, the children and the business thrived and grew.

Family circumstances changed, and eventually Pine Ridge Knit & Sew moved to Trenton, first on Frankford Crescent, then to Dundas Street near Second Dug Hill.  Over the years additional inventory and fabric were added and I taught more and more classes.

Fast forward to 2013.

It was time for me to think about retirement, and time for my oldest daughter and her hubby to rethink their employment future.

On February 1, 2014, Pine Ridge Knit & Sew had a new owner.  I helped out a lot at first, then as the store took a new direction, less. 

I found it very difficult to transition from being a business owner who worked long hours and spent most of my waking moments planning classes, events, newsletters, etc to a retired person.  I painfully missed writing lesson notes, posting on Facebook, and writing newsletters. 

Enter this blog, SewWhatYvette.  (thanks Shirley).  It filled the emptiness.  I chose sewing projects that I thought would inspire people to sew, be creative, AND support the business I started many years ago.

As time went on, and as the store moved forward in it’s new direction, it became obvious that most of my chosen sewing projects did not fit in with “the plan”. 

It has now become a struggle to post anything about sewing.

And because it costs money to maintain a blog, and I’m retired and on a pension, it just seems silly to pay to keep it going. 

I’m available as a guest teacher, specializing in sergers, knitting machines and fermented foods.

I’ll become more active on my facebook page, and I’ll post often. I actually have 2 facebook pages, one is my personal one where I connect with family and friends, the other is my “professional” page.  It’s called my entire name with no hyphens;  Yvette Matthys Chilcott Lafosse, and that’s where I’ll move a lot of my blog stuff to.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, it means a lot to me, but it’s time to move on.

ps I can’t add files to that page, so I started a group with the same name and will move the files and recipes over there.


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  1. Yvette – I love you and have enjoyed far too many hours with you over the many years we have spent together to possibly begin to count. You know where we three are. I am out a lot but just a quick call could certainly arrange a time for you to come on over. Take care of yourself. Hugs. Oh, and bring your earmuffs. David said they are not terriers. They are terrorists. Aside from that I love them and couldn’t possibly live without them. See you!

  2. I will follow you on your facebook…. keep those sewing patterns and achievements coming….. Enjoy reading them all…..

  3. Hi there,
    So sorry to see you go! I don’t have Facebook so I will not be able to updates. I just want to say tha thank you for teaching me its ok to be perfectly imperfect! I hope that I can call on you for wisdom and a laugh!
    Best regards

  4. Will certainly miss your newsletter. Seems to be the only way
    I can keep track of you in the last few years. My sewing has slowed down in the last while too., now it just may stop completely. I thought I would never be too old to sew but lately I am beginning to wonder. I don’t do Facebook –so I guess it really is goodbye for me too. Hope to see you around someday
    Somewhere and thanks for all the fun times . Barb Brennan

  5. Thank you for sharing your talent. I believe you have touched many lives over the years with your kindness. It is a big adjustment from constantly busy to a major slowdown. Enjoy your freedom to the fullest and have lots of fun. I enjoy your Facebook posts too. Only good wishes for you.

    1. My best times in Trenton were at your store,learning to sew and embroider , thanks to you , and all the wonderful ladies I met there. I will always think how lucky I was to meet you!

  6. This was very interesting to read some of the ‘back story’! It has been a pleasure knowing you as a business person- this morphed into a very friendly relationship that I hope continues into the future. It’s difficult to transition to a retired life- I have been going through this myself. The interesting thing is that there are more adventures around the corner that are ours to discover. Life sure isn’t a straight line!

  7. I want to be just like you when I grow up……… That statement in itself is a bit of a joke because I am only year from my retirement.! Your blogs have been wonderful to read and you’ve certainly been a source of inspiration. Enjoy your retirement my dear…….. it’s well deserved!

  8. Yvette,

    We have spent many, many years doing & teaching what we both loved- machine knitting, sewing, etc. I have enjoyed your blog immensely, and will try to follow you on Facebook.

    Who knows – you might become addicted, like I have, to using a vinyl cutter & software, creating designs, tshirts, rhinestone designs etc. I also incorporate my machine embroidery with the vinyl designs.

    May another creative door open for you, that brings you much happiness & joy. All the best in your next endeavour ( which seems to be travelling!!!

    1. Yvette, I have enjoyed reading your blog and you have inspired me to start sewing my own clothes again. I miss the creative ideas and the congeniality you brought to the classes. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

      Fran Vidal

    2. Yup, Denise, when one door closes, another opens. It’s been a difficult transition for me, but if this fantastic summer that I’m having is any indication for the future, it’ll be awesome. Take care,

  9. I really liked your blog. Will keep up with you on facebook. Am happy to know I will be able to access your previous recipes and pattern ideas. Best wishes as you move forword in retirement and new opportunities.

  10. Hi Yvette, I have enjoyed and looked forward to reading your blog’s…. you did a great job…. enjoy what ever life brings you… Happy retirement..


  11. Yvette, I like other have enjoyed your posts and your many many classes at the store. Loved reading the history of how the store evolved.

    I will miss these posts but I’ll enjoy seeing you monthly.

    Happy retirement. It’s the best non-paying job ever.


  12. Hi Yvette, retirement is such a weird transition, ( I’m almost there ), I have loved your store and the enthusiasm you and Laura bring to the art ( my students have loved the classes!), I’m so glad that you have many talents and hope that some of your extra time will be spent win us at the greenhouse and gardens ! I hope we keep in touch and wish you the best in your retirement ! We never stop teaching and learning – sew your days will be full! All the best

      1. They have started clearing the property at the base of Guelph Street. It is shaping up. We also have the city’s approval to dismantle and move (at no cost to them) all of the structures and inventory from the OPP station. That will be a lot of work so I will definitely keep you posted.

  13. Dearest Yvette,
    for all of your time, effort and kindness, I thank you. For the passion you bring to sewing and embroidery, I thank you. For taking in “orphan” machine owners and treating us as part of your sewing family, I thank you. You taught us well, never making us feel foolish, we had fun in the process ,and use those lessons today and into the future. We had a place to go where we were so welcome and not just as customers, where we could meet as friends , drink coffee, play with new toys and accomplish more than we ever thought we could. You have made a difference in so many lives and as I do not have facebook I will miss you so much.
    Gilbert and I wish you well in whatever you choose to do- you will always bring to so much to the table, and if you are up this way, drop in – we’ll show you our airplane that your dad helped build,
    love Pat Brodeur

    1. Pat, my friend. You’re too kind. All I ever wanted to do was make a difference, help, encourage and empathize. Thank you for putting it into words. I would love to see that airplane, and your fur-babies, but I have no idea how to find you. Please email me with directions (not here please) and I’ll drive out soon. XOXO

  14. Good Luck with your future plans. I have enjoyed reading your blog and plan on trying a lot of your sewing patterns and recipes.
    Will certainly keep in touch with you via your facebook page and the guild meetings – after all these years you can’t get rid of my that easily!
    Karen Compton

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