Hats in Knit-Weave on the Knitting Machine

IMG_1152Something new from my knitting machine; knit-woven hats. 

These are machine knit on a standard gauge, Brother 894 with ribber to be specific. 

Most of us have these “odd-balls” of novelty yarns hanging around.  Usually we buy them when they’re on sale, because they’re expensive.  And it takes lots of these to make anything.  Usually I buy one or two, figuring on using it as a trim.IMG_1162

By incorporating these textured yarns into knit-weave,  they go much farther.  I got 2 hats from the yarn at the right with about 4 yards left over.

The method I chose for the actual knit-weave was introduced to me in the 1980’s, first by Daphne St Just, then a few years later by Daphne’s teacher and mentor, Audrey Palmer.  This method is more about the yarns and less about the punch-card pattern.

A fairly fine yarn is used for the knitting, and a textured, or multi-coloured yarn is chosen for the weaving.

Most of the garments produced by this method have card #1, locked on the first row.  The resulting fabric is then steam pressed heavily to produce a soft draping knit fabric.

IMG_1155 IMG_1160This hat uses a fine 4-ply and a soft, textured Aran, steamed gently to soften the fabric.




This hat also uses the fine 4-ply as the base, the weaving yarn is an inexpensive variegated worsted weight, steamed as well.

Have you tried knit-weaving?  What were your results like? 

The pattern for my hats may be purchased here:


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