Hexagon Pattern, any Size

I admit, I LOVE hexagons!  I sew them and I even designed an afghan pattern made with hexies.  I’ll fine tune it and put it up here, too.

In the meantime, I designed a “quilt-as-you-go” Hexie hot-pad and needed a starting hexie pattern.  I looked all over the internet, and couldn’t find one in the size I wanted.  🙁

What I did find, though, were the instructions on how to draft your own pattern.  Here is my version:

I needed a 5″ hexagon (measured from point to point). 

Begin by drawing a circle the same size as your desired hexagon.  I couldn’t find a compass anywhere!  Sew, I improvised. A piece of ribbon, a tack and a pen! ribbon compass (My final circle was better than the picture, but you get the point, right?)

Cut out the circle and fold it twice, as shown.quarter fold

final fold hexagon

Fold the top and the bottom to the center fold as shown.6 point hexagon

hexagon cutting lines

Make a mark at all the folds except the middle ones.  Join the dots with straight lines and cut on those lines.

What remains is a hexagon. 

How easy is that?

Let me know if you use this method to draw your own hexagon pattern.

9 thoughts on “Hexagon Pattern, any Size”

  1. Great directions! I love hexies, I have sewn them on aprons, polar fleece snuggle blankets, made pincushions with the top and bottom as hexies, or appliqued on the sides of the pincushion. It appears that once you start … you cannot stop.
    Thanks for the custom directions. Your work is lovely.

  2. I just came across your hot pad hexagon pattern and want to thank you. What a great way to use my scraps up. I have came across several patterns that say, for scraps . But when you get into them, need more than just scraps.

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