How’d I get here?


Well, it’s been a fairly long journey, almost 60 years long.  Born in Holland, my parents came to Canada with me, when I was a toddler.  We eventually settled in Port Hope, Ontario where I was joined by 2 sisters, almost two and a half years between each of us.

matthys family 1960
This was us in the early ’60’s. From the left is my father Peter, then me, my youngest sister Peggy is on my mother, Jeltje’s lap, and our middle sister Joyce is at the front.

My mother shared her love of sewing and creativity in general with all three of her daughters.  We learned to sew, embroider, knit, crochet, and more.  No idle hands for us!

My father was also very creative, and could do anything!  Dream it, design it,then  build it.

Many years later, now having a family of my own, a desire to share my knowledge became a mission of sorts.  Machine knitting was a passion of mine, and it wasn’t unusual for me to have a house full of people with knitting machines set up so I could teach them.    My children got used to coming home from school to a group of surrogate aunties and grandmas.

Pine Ridge Knitting Machines was born.

Storefront came next, in Baltimore Ontario, then sewing machines, and the name of the business changed to Pine Ridge Knit & Sew.  And I loved to teach.

The store is now located on Highway 2 west in Trenton, at the junction of Second Dug Hill Road and Highway 2.

At the end of January, 2014, my greatest dream came true.  My oldest daughter Laura bought the business!  She, and a team of 16 transformed my vision of Pine Ridge Knit & Sew into her vision.  I’m still around, ’cause I love to teach, but,,,,,,,,,,

And, now I’m facing retirement.

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