I’m coming back


I hope you have all had a wonderful summer.

Mine was wonderful!

I did a lot of deep thinking, and some wonderful quiet time, I’ve decided that I’m not ready to give up my blog. 

I really feel that “my calling” is to teach, and so teach I will!

I have not decided what my next post will be about, but lightning will strike.  It always has in the past, and I’m sure it will again.

thanks for your understanding!



9 thoughts on “I’m coming back”

  1. Welcome back, I am looking forward to seeing what’s new. You keep me insured to try new things. How about a blog on how to change the neckline on a tee-shirt or knit fabric?


  2. Welcome back! Have really enjoyed your blog! With the cooler temps, time to get sewing! I have been like a squirrel over the summer, gathering pieces of fabric! Have enjoyed your cooking tips too, Yvette!

  3. Welcome Back!!!! Great decision… you always inspire me to try new things!!!!! always enjoyed reading what you’re doing… šŸ™‚

  4. I just knew you would be back! You need to share your gifts and talents . We all need you. Looking forward to your refreshing ideas and recipes!

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