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2018 Wardrobe Contest: 6-in-6, Easy as 1-2-3 200px

Here are the contest specifics to read and take note of for this contest:

Wardrobe Contest 2018: 6-in-6, Easy as 1-2-3

1. This contest runs from February 1 to March 15, 2018. No sewing may be done on the items to be entered in this contest prior to February 1st 2018 nor after March 15th 2018. Planning, muslins, and fabric preparation may be done in advance.

2. Sew 6 garments during the contest period. The garments must be as follows: 
— Make 1 Topper (For example: cardigan, vest, blazer, shawl)
— Make 2 Bottoms (For example: pants, skirts, shorts, leggings)
— Make 3 Tops (For example: blouses, shirts, t-shirts, tunics) 
If you have any questions or are wondering if an item will be eligible ask the Contest Manager or a Contest Committee member.

3. Each top must go with (look good worn with) each bottom.

4. The Topper must be able to be worn over each top and go with each top & bottom combination. It is highly recommended that the topper allows the top to show, so that the outfits look different when worn with the different tops. So a cardigan will give more wardrobe flexibility than a pull-over sweater.

5. Write a separate review for each of the 6 items that you sew, using the general PatternReview review template. Write as complete a review as possible.

6. Write ONE COMPOSITE review. This review must include links to each of the 6 individual reviews that you made in rule 5. This composite review is your contest entry, and is to be linked to the 6-in-6 Wardrobe Contest. It MUST be entered by 11:59 Eastern Time on March 15th; time is as shown on the Pattern Review website. It is a good idea to start this review early. You may leave the review incomplete and add each review link to it as you finish it.

7. The composite review MUST include pictures of all 6 individual items in the wardrobe. It is recommended but not required that the items be shown being worn in all the different possible combinations, using composite pictures. The photos do not have to show items on a person, but that generally helps with voting. Remember that these pictures must be native to the PatternReview site; external links will not meet this requirement.

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  1. Not sure I can meet all requirements but sounds like fun! Hoping I can find stretch fabric and create things for me.

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