Jalie 2805 Wardrobe Contest First Garment

Required are:

  • 3 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 topper

So really it’s a small capsule wardrobe, the kind you could pack into a carry-on with undies and a swim suit and you’d be ready for a vacation.  Catherine, the owner of Distinctive Sewing Supplies focuses on planning a capsule wardrobe around key garments as the theme of a fashion show at the CreativFestival each year.

My Fabric Selection


The First Garment in the Collection

My first garment is one of 3 tops and I used Jalie 2805 and a piece of ITY knit that I bought at Distinctive Sewing Supplies at the Fall 2017 Creativfestival.

I made view B with the turtle neck and 3/4 sleeves.  I lengthened the body by one inch.

I’ve made this pattern a few times and it goes together perfectly.  I finished the hems using cover-stitch.

Next on my cutting table is a piece of lightweight dark blue knit to make a sleeveless vest.

5 thoughts on “Jalie 2805 Wardrobe Contest First Garment”

  1. I love the way your top is tapered at waist!
    The idea of lengthening makes it more trendy…..even though you’re taller than me.☺

  2. Yvette , love the fabric!! Great choice as you can mix and match navy with so many other colours. Will look wonderful on you as well!! Can’t wait to see the other pieces of your wardrobe!!

  3. Yvette, I love the way the top is tapered. ..coliur will go with snything….looking forward to see your next achievement. …following..

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