Jalie 2980 Stretch Jeans, Completing the Backside

My disclaimer; I received this pattern and a piece of beautiful stretch denim from Distinctive Sewing Supplies in exchange for blogging about my experience.  Please know that the opinions expressed will be my own.

Sew yesterday was another winter retreat day, with the threat of prolonged freezing rain in the forecast.   It messed up my plans to join my Sewing Social friends at the library, but gave me quality sewing time at home.  I completed the back and the fly front.  I’ll write about the fly in another post.

With the pockets decorated, it was time to attach them.  I serged around the outer edge first, then used the same Sulky 12 weight thread and the same Schmetz 14/90 Topstitch needle to attach them.   Sometimes I use a twin-needle for this, but decided to test my skills and sew parallel seams.   Do you see that little bar-tack at the top of the pockets?  It’s a stitch built into my sewing machine!  I tested it on a scrap first, and found that the tie-off at the end of the bar-tack was more than the fabric required, so I stopped it before it finished the sequence.  I pulled the thread tail to the back and applied a drop of “Fray-Stop”.

Attaching the yokes, top-stitching, then joining the back crotch seam and top-stitching finished the back.  I serged each seam to join it before doing the top-stitching.

Read how I sewed the swirl on the pockets here:  Click here




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