Another Pair of Jalie 3461 Pull on Jeans


This is pair #6. 

The last time I used a sewing pattern this many times was in 1981.  I was pregnant with my second child, a stay at home mom who needed maternity clothes,  and fabric was cheap.

I’m a blue jeans kinda gal, and I wear this pair a LOT.  I love the way they fit, and they’re really comfy.

Jalie Pull on Jeans in Denim

Another pair in denim would be awesome and give me a great excuse to sew.  (I always WANT to sew, but don’t always have a project.)

Instead of top-stitching this pair with a twin needle, I chose to use a single line of a reinforced stitch and a 30 weight cotton Blendable thread.

Sulky 30 wt

stitch A12

I chose heavy woven on the Sewing Advisor and then lengthened the stitch to 4.5 

This stitch is straight and consists of 2 stitches forward, then one stitch back.  This results in each stitch being sewn 3 times, which really makes the thread “pop”.  I used the colour shown above, and although the pictures don’t do it justice, the result is eye catching.  The trickiest part was keeping the stitches even when going across a thick seam intersection.  I found the “needle-down” function very useful and I sewed really slowly at the tricky spots.


close up front


2 thoughts on “Another Pair of Jalie 3461 Pull on Jeans”

  1. A great look changing up the stiching combination and thread—-could get more great looks depending on colour of fabric.

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