Keeping Cozy in Flannel

Here in Ontario, Canada it’s been cold.  So cold.  Sew cold.

I want to stay in my flannel jammies all day long.  (I don’t have flannel jammies but if I did…………..)  I want to wear flannel!  I can’t do acrylic fleece, it’s warm but………..

Our local sewing/fabric shop advertised a 20% off sale, but the flannels there weren’t what I was hoping for, so off to Fabricland in Belleville I went.  Here’s what I came home with.  I bought 2 lengths of checked flannel, one for daytime and one for a housecoat.  I bought 4 meters of each.  The pretty print was in the discount bin for $3 per meter.  It’ll make a sweet summer top.  All have been pre-washed and the summer print is stashed.

I wanted warm and cozy, but not shapeless.  My hubby has plenty of flannel shirts that I could wear if shapeless was all I wanted.  THIS is what I wanted.  Feminine, style, creative, and fun!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this pattern.  (It’s been so long I don’t remember)  I even had it traced off in the S/M size on pattern paper.

I also have a bunch of these cool zippers, so was imagining a “pull over the head and zip up” kind of coziness.Here’s how it came out.

It’s warm and cozy!  And a bit tight!  I can wear it comfortably, but it’s a struggle to get it off.   I’m going to make this pattern again in the next size up.

What do you think?  Cozy?  Do you like the zipper?  I have a few surplus if you’re interested, email me at yvettechilcott(at)yahoo(dot)ca for pricing.





17 thoughts on “Keeping Cozy in Flannel”

  1. Yvette, you never cease to amaze! Love the top and the fancy zipper just adds a bit of dash to it! Hope it keeps you cozy and warm!!

  2. A neat idea but I prefer long sleeved granny gown with yoke and three buttons at neck line….a pattern I bought at your store years ago.

  3. Yvette, love your sewing projects. You mentioned this top is a bit tight. In the spirit of Diane Ericson, how about opening up the sides and adding a contrast triangular piece in a different print? I would hack it. You are a very creative lady, you’ll come up with something.

    1. hi Deb, thanks for following along! I might open up the side seams all the way from the bottom to the sleeve, and add something there. It sure would add some pizazz! If I do, I’ll put up a photo. Happy New Year!

  4. lobe it!!! stylish with a hint of cozy!!!! and YES I will take a few more of your zippers if you have more….
    Myself I have been knitting myself a sweater!!!! with buttons and a hood!!! quite the challenge…. loving it so far……

  5. I love your page and I love those zippers. Would love to try them. Any chance you could mail me some or I could have our daughter Kathy pick some up. She lives in Madoc and I can ask her. I would love to make a shirt tail flannel night gown. Happy New Year, my machines just keep on humming. I’ve started quilting and love it… Val

    1. Hi Val, it’s always wonderful to hear from you. I’ll send a photo of the zippers I have through facebook and you can let me know which ones you’d like. I can mail them to you, not a problem. Happy New year!

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