Knitting Machines and Related Items for Sale

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KX350 knitting machine

KX knitting machine carriage

KX knitting machine extra tools

Brother KX350 knitting machine for sale.  7mm needle spacing, (mid-gauge), 130 needles.   I have replaced the sponge strip,  and tested the machine.  Comes in the original box with the manual in mint condition.  Price includes a spare set of tools.  Price is $300, shipping extra.

RT1 Ribber Transfer Carriage

RT1 Ribber Transfer Carriage, used, in very good condition, original box with instructions. Fits standard gauge Singer/Studio/Silver Reed with ribbers, SRP50, 60 and 70.   $75 shipping extra $25

30 prong

30 Pin Transfer Tool, in perfect condition.  $10 shipping extra.

Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters

Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi, previously owned, but you can’t tell, it’s mint!  ($79.20 on amazon) $50, shipping extra $25

AG20 open

AG20 Intarsia Carriage for standard Gauge Singer/Studio/Silver Reed knitting machines, used, in very good condition, in box with original instructions $35 plus shipping $25

Bulky Yokes and Tab Fronts for Children

Bulky Yoke Sweaters for punchcard bulky machines, Children.  Two styles, pullover and tab-front, I have easily made these on an LK150 by hand selecting the needles. $10 plus postage

KE100 Motor Unit with Foot Pedal




Slightly used, complete with stand and foot pedal, $1000 Canadian dollars

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  1. Hey!
    Your post title said knitting machine for sale, do you have any for sale that can be matched with these accessories?

  2. Hi Viviane, I have a few good used knitting machines for sale, but I’m away until late Tuesday. Can I get back to you after that with more details and prices?

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