Leggings by MacPhee Workshop, #435, almost instant

Does it drive you crazy when your head is full of sewing ideas and then you don’t get time to sew?  It does me, and the people around me know it far too well.

I’ve been dreaming about these leggings for a month now, and finally the dream became a reality.  I GOT TO SEW!


 colourful leggingsThese are my latest, mother/daughter leggings, sewn up in a 4 way stretch poly.  Both were on hangers in 2 1/2 hours from start to finish, and yup, they’re loud, who cares? 🙂


Then, I couldn’t find the time to write about it. 🙁

I took 2 measurements; hip and inseam length.  I didn’t take a waist measurement, and I’ll explain why in a minute.  The back of the pattern envelope said I am between M and ML.  I made ML which has a 28 1/2 inch inseam.


I want these to go to the ankle, so I needed an extra 1 1/2 inches in the leg length.  If you just extend the bottom of a tapered piece like these, they get narrower as they get longer, so I added just below the crotch and smoothed out the cutting line with a dressmakers curve.

I used just over a meter of a wonderful bamboo knit that I got from Linda MacPhee.  I laid it out on the cutting table with the good sides together, pinned on the pattern and cut out my leggings.

2014-06-11 11.38.152014-06-11 11.27.48

The two leg pieces are already to serge.  Use the serger to serge the front and back crotch seams, using a 4 thread overlock.

2014-06-11 11.43.32

Then open out the legs and serge the inseam.2014-06-11 11.44.06

I finished the waist and leg bottoms with the serger, too.

The casing for the elastic and the leg hems could be finished many ways; cover-stitch on the serger, twin-needle hem on your sewing machine, or using a “hem-stitch” on the sewing machine.  That’s the one I chose.  I wanted quick, easy and durable!

Photo 2014-06-16, 1 03 47 PM

Stitch #20 on the A menu of our Husqvarna/viking Designer machines.

Now, how I dealt with the waist.  I have discovered through many years of sewing that not all types of elastic stretch and contract to the same degree.  So I wrap my elastic of choice around my waist, add an inch for overlap and cut it.  Done.  No measuring, no math, just done.  Fun fast and easy, right?

Join the ends of the elastic, making sure it’s not twisted.  Lay the loop of elastic on the inside of the leggings at the waist and fold the fabric over the elastic to enclose it.  Fold it over  3/8″ more than the width of the elastic, then, using that hem stitch, begin at center back and sew a casing to enclose the elastic.  Be careful to not catch the elastic in the hem as you sew.

 Photo 2014-06-16, 1 20 31 PM (1)

Just before you complete the circle, slip a piece of soft ribbon under the edge of the casing to mark the center back.  (Makes getting dressed easier on sleepy mornings)

Turn up a 1/2″ hem on each leg and use the same stitch.

me in leggings


ps These are great in capri length, too!  

Have you made these?  Are you planning to?  Would you like me to teach you?

leggings tutorial in PDF

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  1. sewed up the leggins today… I was surprised how easy this pattern is… I was concerned on the length as I’m usually a 30″ inseam – adjusted the pattern for the xtra length — mmm now they are too long!!! I’ll wash them before hemming – possibly they will shrink 🙂 can’t wait to show my daughter how to make these!!!! easy peazy!!!! Yvette, you got me sewing on my serger..lol…. even changed one spool to color co-ordinate…

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