MacPhee Classic Pants in Stretch Denim


Have you ever made a great fitting pair of pants in one fabric, then used the same pattern with a different fabric and the pants were awful?

I taught a class focused on MacPhee Classic Pant pattern #395. 

395On the back of the pattern is the recommended fabric;  Slinky or any medium weight knit.

That’s great! 

I love Slinky!  Linda drafted this pattern with a soft, stretchy knit in mind, so the wearing ease reflects that fabric weight.

We all know that a pair of knit pants that fit the body too closely are leggings, not pants.

But think of how a pair of jeans made of stretch denim  fit.  Close to the body, right?  It works because the fabric is firm and hugs the body without showing too much detail.

IMG_2905Here is a pair that I made with a stretch denim.  I taught a class on how to figure out what size to make to adjust to the firmer fabric.

Next week we’ll sew them, and then I’ll post pictures.

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