Microwave Cozy for your Dinner Plate

No more burnt fingers!

Don’t you just dread taking a plate of reheated food from the microwave?  Oven mitts can be so bulky and awkward.

Here’s my solution; a plate cozy.  Click to open a PDF, then save it if you’d like.

plate cozy

I also have an instructable for a bowl cozy, click to open it.soup bowl cozy

Soup bowl cozy

3 thoughts on “Microwave Cozy for your Dinner Plate”

  1. You are just so full of awesome ideas. Another super one. I’ll have to make some now.
    Thanks bunches for sharing.

    1. Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by. It worked for me on my iPad when I clicked on it, so perhaps just try again. It’s in PDF format, so be sure you have that, too.

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