Model Tee #323 by MacPhee Workshop, adjustments

model tee323 model Tee


I love the look of this tee shirt,,,,, on the hanger,,,,,, lol.

Seriously though, it looks ok on me, but…….I’m 5’10” and my waist is lower and it needs to be longer.

I think it would also look better on me if the scoop neckline wasn’t so low.

Alteration time.  I got out my traced pattern and held it up in front of me holding the shoulder even with my own.  I smoothed the paper over my front and saw that my waist is 3 inches lower than the pattern’s.  Easy fix.  I cut the pattern 2 inches below the armhole and taped a piece of paper into the space to add 3 inches to lower the waist.

model tee

Then I slid the paper down until I was happy with the proportion of the length on my body.  I needed 2 more inches, not counting the hem.

I retraced the new pattern onto a fresh piece of paper then I traced the next highest neckline.  (there are many to choose from, truly a very versatile pattern).

My latest attempt is very flattering, (can I say that?)(eve2014-05-19 16.13.36ryone else does).

Have you made this pattern?    This afternoon I made one for Laura with a very deep neckline.  Not easy, but achievable for sure.  It will be my next post.

model tee deep v

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