Modified Tees

It was my turn for new clothes today.  I needed a few fresh tops to take on vacation.  I’m packing jeans, white capris and cream coloured 3/4 length leggings.  Here’s top #1.  The fabric is an ITY similar to prints available from Distinctive Sewing Supplies, Oakville, Ontario.    The pattern is a basic Tee shirt and I added a cut on sleeve, lengthened it and shaped the hem to be high/low.     high lowThe second one is a stretch lace that’s been overdyed in every colour under the sun in a kind of abstract floral pattern.  It’s very lightweight, suitable for a warm climate.  I started with the same Tee pattern, but just extended the shoulder by 3 inches and flared the hem out at the sides.  It’s tunic length.

stretch lace cap sleeve

The 3rd one is the same pattern, and I found this piece of fabric in my stash.

blue cap sleeve

All 3 were finished with the same rolled edge, and I used a denim blue 12 weight thread in the upper hem

edge Not bad for an afternoon’s work.

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  1. Very nice Yvette. Enjoy your vacation. I thought you just got back from one. Is there a pattern number for your t-shirts? I am trying to do t’shirts myself at the moment.

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