Narrow Rolled Neckband Finish for a Round Neck

Sometimes a simple neck finish is best.  If you knit for children, this neck finish is quick, easy, AND comrolled neckfortable for the wearer.

First, plan ahead.

My philosophy on machine knitting is that if I have to use the stitch again, I take it off on waste yarn. So I shape my necklines by short-rowing when the instructions have me decrease every row, or every other row. Then I can take those stitches off on waste yarn, which makes this next step really easy.
Want to make it even easier? Before you knit off on waste yarn, hang the sides of the neck, those straight rows that you didn’t shape, onto the needles. Stretch it slightly. Pull those needles all the way forward, close the latches and knit one row with your main yarn.
Then knit about an inch of waste yarn, (6 to 12 rows).
Remove from the machine and join one shoulder.
With wrong side of work facing you, hang the neck stitches back onto the machine.  Pull needles forward and close latches for just the first row.
At MT-1 (main tension minus 1 full number) knit the equivalent of one inch, or however many rows you want your neckband to be.
At main tension plus 7, knit one row and link off.  If MT+7 is not possible, turn dial up to 10 and let the yarn dribble into the carriage as you knit. If this cast-off is not loose, it won’t roll nicely.
Then use your latch-tool to link off.
Steam slightly, patting into shape and encouraging the roll.  If you’d like to print this, click on the link below for a 1 page PDF of these instructions.

rolled edge for round neck

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