A New Scrap Quilt using two and a half inch Strips

Hiya!  Have you missed me?  I’ve been in a real funk for the last few months and not coping well with things. 

Between my father dying, working with my two sisters to sort out his terrible affairs and a misunderstanding with someone I love to the moon and back, it’s been, well, dark.

Sew, time to go to my “happy place”, my sewing room.  I have a box full of 2 1/2 in squares.  Sewing them mindlessly  into pairs of light and dark is very therapeutic. 

But then, what do you do with them  A quilt of just light and dark squares doesn’t excite me very much. 

4 patch

I needed some half-square triangles that finished at either 4 1/2 or 2 1/2 inches.  I have a box of 2 1/2 inch strips and decided to experiment by sewing a light and a dark strip together length-ways along both long edges then cutting the strip diagonally to form finished squares.  It worked well enough but the finished squares were too big.

What I ended up doing is placing two 2/1/2 inch strips with right sides together and cutting matching triangles with my “Easy Angle Ruler”, then sewing them together along the diagonal seam.  When opened out the square measures exactly 2 1/2 inches.  I decided to do these in dark blue and light.first cutcut 22 2/1 inch squaresThen I sewed 2 of these together to form a kind of flying goose.  I made sure that each half was a different shade of blue.  The diagonal seam was a bit touchy, but I found that if I didn’t trim off the points, and sewed slowly with a sharp needle in my machine it worked pretty well.  I trimmed the points after this seam.


mock flying goose

OK, now what.  I sewed one of these onto opposite ends of a 4-patch.  Not bad, I’m starting to like this.

Then, to finish the block, I sewed a dark 2 1/2 inch square to both ends of 2 other flying geese and sewed them along the 2 remaining long edges.  I avoided using blue fabric for the corner blocks.  Here are two sewn together.

2 blocks

These blocks finish at 8 inches, so I need at least 144 of them.  I have about 40 done, and will spend more of this Easter weekend making more.

I drew the finished quilt out in EQ7 and this is how it will look when it’s finished.

two and a half inch

What do you think?  Would you like more details on cutting the triangles with the ruler?

I hope you have a Happy Easter.

14 thoughts on “A New Scrap Quilt using two and a half inch Strips”

  1. oh!!! Yvette I’m going to try this next!!!! I have so many 2 1/2″ squares left over from my minecraft quilt!!!! nice to see you back on FB!!! miss you!!!!

  2. So happy to hear from you! Hobbies have a way of putting a spring in your step! I am not sure about anyone else, but I would love more directions. Have you ever thought of doing a sew a long? I would do that!
    Happy easter
    Ps I have a nice new pair of socks

  3. I’m sorry Yvette that things have not been going well! Let’s hope the new spring season and getting into your garden will perk you up.

  4. So good to hear from you, even though I just saw you on Monday!
    My heart is sad for you, but I am praying things will get better soon. I think you are a brilliant seamstress, and love your teaching style. I am totally in love with my jeans, and its great to finally have ones that will fit properly.
    Good things will come Yvette!

  5. Yvette, sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing . Spending time in your sewing room is very helpful for the soul.
    Love your quilt blocks and looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. Sorry for your loss Yvette. I agree spending time in the sewing room does wonders for the soul. Spring is here and soon we will be out in the sunshine.
    I just love the ways these blocks turned out. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt top.

  7. That’s an awesome pattern , I’m going to try it for sure. I am sorry to hear about your dads passing, hopefully you will soon be back to your cheerful self. Sewing and gardening will help you get back to feeling good again.

  8. I too, have been in a real down for several months. I am not having much, if any, success trying to climb out. Housework of any kind is a very foreign situation and can’t see it from my Sewing Room. The two little people I sleep with matter so very much. Getting out of bed and staying out is sometimes difficult. I hope you feel so much better soon and let m e know how you do it please. lol

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