Sew a Decorative Cover for your Toilet Seat

I made a few of these toilet seat covers a few years ago, when I needed a project for “Christmas Club”, a monthly class that we offered, back in the day of my store ownership.

It was a simple as tracing the toilet seat, adding seam allowance, decorate with applique, then attach elastic all around the outside.

I’ve put together a few short videos outlining the process, and here’s how to make your pattern.

After your pattern is made, you’ll add seam allowance and cut out your fabric.

Press 1/4 inch to the wrong side along the straight edge that was at the back of the seat, then to the sewing machine. 

Applique or decorate at this point.  I used a few snowflakes that I cut with my Go-cutter to jazz up the one in the picture, and appliqued Rudolph onto the one I used for a class sample.  Or leave it plain.

Select a zig zag stitch, (I like the triple zig zag).

In the video I sewed the 1/4 inch hem down by using this stitch, but in retrospect, I’d use a straight stitch instead.  Begin by sewing up the little hem with a straight stitch, then switching to the triple zig zag to attach the elastic to the wrong side of the cover.   Stretch the elastic, then sew it down with the zig zag stitch.  In the video I only attach elastic to the curved part, but in real life, continue all the way around.  I used a narrow clear swimwear elastic, because it washes well.

And the finished product;

I’m not a huge fan of watching videos myself, so I’ve kept these short.  What do you think of my first attempt?

8 thoughts on “Sew a Decorative Cover for your Toilet Seat”

  1. Yvette, great job on the video! Can you do some serger hem finishes please! Especially fleece fabric!
    Love these how to videos as you can stop and start them whilst doing the project! Great and fun too!

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