The Start of Pine Ridge Knit & Sew

Sew What Yvette? 

Pine Ridge Knit & Sew, my dream.

Sew, here’s how I look, (on a good day).  (Most days are good days)  I turned 63 in July and I’ve sewn most of my life. 

My mom was my inspiration and my mentor.  She and my father immigrated from Holland, with me, and her sewing skills. 

These are my mother’s diplomas.  My youngest sister had them framed for me after our mother died.  They hang in my sewing room near my sewing desk where they comfort and inspire me.

In 1986 I was a “stay-at-home-mother” of 3, and I started a home business.  Unintentionally.  With a knitting machine that I knew how to use.  People started coming to me for lessons, and it wasn’t long before my kitchen/living room was a machine knitting classroom.  Soon everyone migrated to the rec-room in our basement and Pine Ridge Knitting Machines was born.  On County Road 9 just south of Fenella, Ontario.

When my youngest went to school full time I went “store-front” to a rental unit in Baltimore Ontario, just north of Cobourg.  Sewing machines joined the knitting machines, and eventually the business name changed to Pine Ridge Knit & Sew. 

My mother encouraged me to follow my dream.  

Now located in Trenton Ontario, my oldest daughter bought Pine Ridge Knit & Sew in early 2014 and now it’s her dream.

These days I machine knit, repair and refurbish used knitting machines, cook, garden, and actively “share my love of sewing” with others.

I’ve just recently been appointed to the “Jalie Promo Team” where I’ll be sewing and reviewing even more Jalie sewing patterns.  Another dream has come true.


14 thoughts on “The Start of Pine Ridge Knit & Sew”

  1. Yvette, thank you for sharing this beautiful story … you inspire me every day!!!! The beautiful creations you come out with is amazing… we all enjoy sewing along with you on our Tuesdays at Social Sewing Trenton Library…

  2. Yvette, you are an inspiration to all of us and also a good friend. It is always a great time and we have learned so much from you. Hugs and continued success. thank you for welcoming me to Trenton Sewing Circle, Quilts of Valour and Trent Valley Quilt Guild. Hugs

  3. What a beautiful story and continuing legacy! I am so glad I went to Pine Ridge Knit & Sew when I did and met you, Yvette! Thanks to you and my daughters my love of and interest in sewing has grown immensely. Congratulations and best wishes on your continued successes.

  4. Dear Yvette. Your Mom inspired you in your early years and continues to do so each day through you in others. Sewing Social each Tuesday at the Trenton Library, was your dream. You made it a reality two years ago. Under your guidance and patience, your dream has brought sewers together to further their love of sewing. Yes there is a fair bit of socializing as well! Your Mom’s love of sewing has inspired you over the years and now you pass this love of sewing onto others. What a wonderful gift a daughter can give to her Mom. Her legacy lives on in you Yvette. Thank you for making each Tuesday such an enjoyable afternoon. Sewing with friends and learning so much along the way!! Sending warm wishes to you for continued success in all that you do and will do in the future!!
    You are an amazing Lady and so glad to call you friend and mentor!!

    1. Thanks Heather. I’m truly humbled. My joy of sewing has lead me in many directions, and Sewing Social in Trenton has brought me much pleasure, and enlarged my circle of friends. I’m glad you are a part of it.

  5. Well Heather, Cheryl and Suzanne have put into words exactly how I feel about you Yvette.
    Your talent, teaching ability, Happy disposition and Beautiful smile add to the fun times we have at Sewing Social.
    BE PROUD my friend of your accomplishments and your Mother before you.
    IM PROUD as well…….to be your friend šŸ˜˜

  6. It is wonderful to dream and to work hard and have that dream come true. It has been your personality and love of people and teaching that has helped to make your dream come true. It is nice to see that you are off on another road with Jalie. Keep growing, keep dreaming it is a pleasure and a real treat to know you.

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