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Keeping Cozy in Flannel

Here in Ontario, Canada it’s been cold.  So cold.  Sew cold.

I want to stay in my flannel jammies all day long.  (I don’t have flannel jammies but if I did…………..)  I want to wear flannel!  I can’t do acrylic fleece, it’s warm but………..

Our local sewing/fabric shop advertised a 20% off sale, but the flannels there weren’t what I was hoping for, so off to Fabricland in Belleville I went.  Here’s what I came home with.  I bought 2 lengths of checked flannel, one for daytime and one for a housecoat.  I bought 4 meters of each.  The pretty print was in the discount bin for $3 per meter.  It’ll make a sweet summer top.  All have been pre-washed and the summer print is stashed.

I wanted warm and cozy, but not shapeless.  My hubby has plenty of flannel shirts that I could wear if shapeless was all I wanted.  THIS is what I wanted.  Feminine, style, creative, and fun!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this pattern.  (It’s been so long I don’t remember)  I even had it traced off in the S/M size on pattern paper.

I also have a bunch of these cool zippers, so was imagining a “pull over the head and zip up” kind of coziness.Here’s how it came out.

It’s warm and cozy!  And a bit tight!  I can wear it comfortably, but it’s a struggle to get it off.   I’m going to make this pattern again in the next size up.

What do you think?  Cozy?  Do you like the zipper?  I have a few surplus if you’re interested, email me at yvettechilcott(at)yahoo(dot)ca for pricing.