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Adding a Front Closure to a Sports-bra

I have a “thing” about exposed bra straps.  Like; they’re underwear and should stay there.  Under.

Recently, I sewed a camisole with a racer back and of course with my standard bra, the straps showed.  I know you can buy little gizmos that hook the straps together at center back, and I bought some.  After almost dislocating my shoulder while trying to install one, they were tossed into the back of a dark drawer.

Plan “B”. 

Buy a “racer-back” bra. 

Sure.  That’s a “Sports-Bra”.  They don’t have hooks.  You pull them over your head!!!!  And wiggle yourself into it.  Right.  So now I’ll dislocate my other shoulder. 

Anyway, I did buy one.  It was inexpensive.  I also wandered into the notion department and bought this.

It’s sold as a bra extension, but I see it as a set of hooks and eyes for a front opening bra.

I cut the bra open at center front.With a piece of tissue paper underneath, I sewed two rows of basting along each cut edge, about 1/8th inch apart.

I carefully tore away the tissue paper and with a pin at each end to wrap the bobbin threads around, I pulled them to gather the front opening down to 3 inches.  (That’s the length of the bra extension I bought)

I had already cut a one inch wide piece of fusible knit interfacing along the grain, three inches long, then sub-cut it to 2 pieces, 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long.  I fused one strip to each side of each of the gathered front edges.

I picked the part of the extension with the hooks off the rest with a stitch ripper.  There was a row of zig zag stitches that came out easily.  Then I was able to slip the edge of the bra front into the “pocket” of the hook area.   If you’re doing this, make sure the hooks are pointing “in”.

Zig zag through all layers to join.

Slip the point of a fine pair of scissors under the second set of eyes and cut as close to the second set as possible.

Line up the raw edge of the piece you just cut with the remaining gathered bra edge with good sides together.  Again, watch that the eyes are facing the right way. 

Use a straight stitch to join, avoiding the ends of the eyes that are hiding under the fabric.  Turn the seam allowance to the inside and zig zag along the raw edge to finish off the seam allowance.

No more dislocated shoulders.

No more wiggling into a bra when I’m hot and sweaty.

No more bra straps showing.


Is this something you’ll do?