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Jalie Stretch Jeans 2908, The Fly Zipper

Does the mere thought of sewing a fly zipper give you a hot flash?

There are many steps, but each single step was easy.  If you’ve not done this before, don’t be afraid.  The instructions included with this pattern were pretty good. 

My disclaimer; I received this pattern and the piece of beautiful stretch denim from Distinctive Sewing Supplies in exchange for blogging about my experience.  Please know that the opinions expressed will be my own.

I had one moment when what I thought I was reading, wasn’t.  Step 24(a) reads:  On right side of front, top-stitch 3 mm (1/8’’) right of center front (fig. 24a – view from right side of front.

As you see it, not as you wear it.

After that it was clear sailing.  So clear, that I forgot to stop and take photos.  Duh!  And I specifically chose a light blue zipper so it would show up in the pics.  Double Duh!

finished fly extensions
fly complete
pinned zipper

I’m going to do a separate post on just the fly zipper. I owe you!

And here it is, a 2 page printable PDF  Fly Tutorial Jalie 2908

And here’s the blog post about it.

The waistband is sewn to the inside of the jeans first, then top-stitched into place.  Before I did the top-stitching, I slipped a square of medium weight fusible interfacing between the layers in the area of the buttonhole placement.  And fused it place with a hot steamy iron.

I sewed the bottom of the waistband to the right side with matching thread BEFORE I top-stitched.  Just in case.  And guess what?  I had to un-stitch a bit and re-do it.  The waistband is cut on the bias, and I had a ripple. 

The top end of the belt-loop gets tucked under by 3/8 inch.  I found it easier to mark the cutting line AND the fold line.

Then I sewed back and forth a few times following the same line as the top-stitching.

My first attempt at the buttonhole was pretty crooked.  And yes, I did make a sample on scrap denim first.  So was my 2nd and 3rd attempt.  This fabric took to picking out really well, thank goodness.  I decided to choose a different style of buttonhole and it worked perfectly.

All the sewing is complete. 

All that remains is to attach the “jeans button”, and take some pics. 


I started and ended my top-stitching there, so it doesn’t show when I wear them.

Jalie 2908 front
Jalie 2908 side front
Jalie 2908 leg
Jalie 2908 front pocket
Jalie 2908 back
Jalie 2908 complete

 In spite of the fact that my waist measures 2 inches larger than the pattern, (I made size “Y”), the fact that the waistband is cut on the bias makes it work for me.

Sewing Pants and Jeans

Do you sew your own pants and/or jeans?  I do, for many reasons, but the most important reason is…………. FIT……..!

Even when I was young, and fit, before children and enjoying wine and good food, I had fitting issues. 

I’m tall, 5 foot 10, with a 34 inch inseam and a waist that still goes in a bit. 

Every pattern I use has to be altered, so I make good use of a well fitting pattern.

One of the blogs I follow is Curvy Sewing collective, and they are going to dedicate February to Curvy Pants Month!

I’m already planning for this event, and already have another pair of Eleonore Pull-on Jeans cut out in a beautiful stretch denim from Distinctive Sewing Supplies, and ready to sew. This denim is butter soft, and was a pleasure to cut out.  It will be perfect for Spring.   Now that I have this pattern altered, and added functional front pockets, it will be a breeze to sew up.


AND, I also have this pattern coming!

Along with a stretch denim from Distinctive Sewing Supplies that will be perfect.  I love sewing with the fabric I get from Catherine!  She is an accomplished seamstress and really knows her stuff.  I can order with complete confidence in the quality of everything Catherine carries.



Free Pattern for Barbie Pants in Knit Fabric

OMG, I don’t even have a picture.  I sent all my Barbie clothes to my friend’s grand-daughter and have no picture of these. 

And my sewing machine is in the shop getting a little repair, so I couldn’t even make a new pair. 

Oh well, here it goes, a free pattern for Barbie pants using stable knit fabric.

The link is below, what do you think?

knit pants

Loose Pants (or Pajamas) for Barbie

Here’s a simple pant pattern for Barbie.   These make great P.J.s too.feature loose pants barbie

This top pattern is coming, but right now I’m publishing a series of pants.  This is the loose pair, next will be a pattern for a pair designed for knit fabrics, then the legging pattern.

These work best in flannel, soft linen or chambray.  Quilting cottons work really well, too.

The link to the pattern is below, and the sewing instructions are on the pattern sheet.

I would love to hear back from you if you made these!  If you have requests for other garment patterns for Barbie, I’m open to suggestions.

loose pants for barbie

Adding Pockets to Wrap Pants by MacPhee Workshop

My hubby and I are going on vacation this weekend, to a warm place with sand, sun and drinks with little umbrellas in them.

Awesome, I know.  I’m excited and going through my clothes deciding what to pack.  And what to sew.  I love to make at least one new garment for vacation, and decided to change up a pair of wrap pants that I made last year.

I made #407 Wrap Pants by MacPhee workshop last summer out of a gorgeous white crinkle cotton, and although they were “ok”, I wasn’t excited by them.  The fabric was a bit too heavy and they didn’t drape well.  A make-over was in order.  I cut off the waist ties, then re-cut the legs for the other option in Linda’s pattern, the pans with the seam down the front. 

The cut off pieces were more than large enough for pockets.  (You need pockets when you’re on vacation.)

IMG_2540Here’s the shape I drew, 3 inches across the top, 10 inches down the right side, 8″ across the bottom and 5″ up the left.  A curve large enough for my hand finished it.

I serge finished all edges except for the 3″ IMG_2541and 10″, they’ll go into seams.  Then turn under the curved serged edge, top-stitch and press.  Turn under the bottom and 5″ side by about 3/8″ and press.

Pin the wrong side of each pocket to the right side of the back, lining the 3″ side with the top of the pants and the unfinished edge even with the long seam.

IMG_2543Top-stitch the 5″ side and along the bottom.

With right sides together, join the front seams, catching the unfinished edges of the pockets in the seam.


I had already cut the front down by about an inch to make it a more flattering fit, then used a piece of elastic for the waist.  I joined the short ends with the sewing machine, then quarter pinned it and the waist area.  I used my serger to join the elastic to the pants, making sure my blade didn’t nick the elastic.

Done, because they were already hemmed in the first incarnation.

They’re loose with wide legs, perfect for a warm climate.  I’ve made many of these over the years, both full length and capri length, and love them all.

finishedHave you made these?   What do you think of this unusual pattern?