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Skyelines are Keeping me Warm

And the deep-freeze continues…..

So I’ve been hibernating indoors and sewing, and sewing, and sewing.

I’ve made another version of this same pattern (in the next size up, medium) using a leftover piece of green marbled flannel that was left over from making my hubby a bathrobe.  It took me an entire day of shuffling the pattern pieces on the fabric so they’d fit.  I won!  It’s like a contest you know.

My first was in the black and white checked flannel.  It’s warm and cozy!  And actually fits well except the sleeves are tight and I have trouble pulling it over my head to take it off.

decorative zipper detail
Skyelines left front
flannel cozy
Skyelines side

While I was shuffling the pattern pieces around for the green variation I was dreaming of embellishments.  I changed the collar making it smaller and a  stand up version.

Skyelines front
Skyelines in green flannel
Skyelines embellishment

I really like the way this one turned out.  I used bias strips sewn into tubes then top-stitched them in place.  The closures are plastic snaps.

How are you keeping warm?  I’d love to hear from you.

Keeping Cozy in Flannel

Here in Ontario, Canada it’s been cold.  So cold.  Sew cold.

I want to stay in my flannel jammies all day long.  (I don’t have flannel jammies but if I did…………..)  I want to wear flannel!  I can’t do acrylic fleece, it’s warm but………..

Our local sewing/fabric shop advertised a 20% off sale, but the flannels there weren’t what I was hoping for, so off to Fabricland in Belleville I went.  Here’s what I came home with.  I bought 2 lengths of checked flannel, one for daytime and one for a housecoat.  I bought 4 meters of each.  The pretty print was in the discount bin for $3 per meter.  It’ll make a sweet summer top.  All have been pre-washed and the summer print is stashed.

I wanted warm and cozy, but not shapeless.  My hubby has plenty of flannel shirts that I could wear if shapeless was all I wanted.  THIS is what I wanted.  Feminine, style, creative, and fun!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this pattern.  (It’s been so long I don’t remember)  I even had it traced off in the S/M size on pattern paper.

I also have a bunch of these cool zippers, so was imagining a “pull over the head and zip up” kind of coziness.Here’s how it came out.

It’s warm and cozy!  And a bit tight!  I can wear it comfortably, but it’s a struggle to get it off.   I’m going to make this pattern again in the next size up.

What do you think?  Cozy?  Do you like the zipper?  I have a few surplus if you’re interested, email me at yvettechilcott(at)yahoo(dot)ca for pricing.