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Style Arc Sadie Pants Garment 2 in The Wardrobe Contest

Officially these pants are Garment 2

(In reality, I am holding back a completed topper.)    For review and photography reasons, it makes more sense to me to leave it until the end.  Like icing on a cake.  To read the contest details, here’s my post.

Sew, here is the first of my 2 bottoms, a pair of pants from Style Arc.  

It was time for me to branch off onto a new pants pattern and this one came highly recommended.  The unusual pocket and the side slit at the hem are the great design details that attracted my attention.  When I sew with an “unknown to me” pattern, I go on-line to Patternreview.com to read reviews written by sewing enthusiasts like me.  There was only one review, and it was pretty positive.   

My experience with this pattern is less than positive.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I really like these pants.  They fit well and are comfortable to wear.  I included top stitching to set off the great pockets and the fake fly.  I used a stretch Bengaline from Distinctive Sewing Supplies and it sewed up really well.  It has a lot of stretch which needs to be “managed”, but it adds to the comfort of these pants.


I made 2 adjustments to the fit; a flat behind adjustment and I added 2 inches to the leg length and overall I’m pleased with the results.  

It’s the instructions that leave a lot to be desired.  In short, the instructions are awful!  

I’m pretty experienced in regard to sewing and this was the second most difficult garment I ever made.  (The very worst was a white suit jacket for my hubby with welt pockets 16 years ago.  It ended up in the trash.)

I’ve since found another review at www.curvysewingcollective.com that echoed my frustration with the instructions.

I’m going to write up a proper set of instructions with diagrams and add it to this post.  Distinctive Sewing Supplies will have this pattern available for sale at the Spring 2018 CreativFestival, and will include my instructions in the package.  

In the meantime, I’m curious, have you made this pattern?  What is your opinion of this pattern?  Let’s share…….