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Jalie 2805 Wardrobe Contest First Garment

Required are:

  • 3 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 topper

So really it’s a small capsule wardrobe, the kind you could pack into a carry-on with undies and a swim suit and you’d be ready for a vacation.  Catherine, the owner of Distinctive Sewing Supplies focuses on planning a capsule wardrobe around key garments as the theme of a fashion show at the CreativFestival each year.

My Fabric Selection


The First Garment in the Collection

My first garment is one of 3 tops and I used Jalie 2805 and a piece of ITY knit that I bought at Distinctive Sewing Supplies at the Fall 2017 Creativfestival.

I made view B with the turtle neck and 3/4 sleeves.  I lengthened the body by one inch.

I’ve made this pattern a few times and it goes together perfectly.  I finished the hems using cover-stitch.

Next on my cutting table is a piece of lightweight dark blue knit to make a sleeveless vest.

“Hacking” for the Fall CreativFestival

Do you recall this from my last post?

One of the classes I’m teaching on behalf of Distinctive Sewing Supplies;  at the Fall CreativFestival, at the International Center in Toronto October 26-28 (more details are coming soon)

One Pattern = 3 Different Tees
Working from a commercial sewing pattern with a round (not “V”) neckline, Yvette (that’s me)  will teach some basic pattern personalization, creating 3 adaptations, an inverted front pleat, adding an extended sleeve cap, and adding side drapes.  Suggested patterns include: Jalie 2805, Burda 6749 or 6611

So now not only am I a “Pattern Hacker” but I’ll be teaching others how to “Pattern Hack”.   Go figure.

Today I’m featuring my hack to Jalie 2805 Women’s Tee Shirts.  note:  apparently I sometimes forget to smile while concentrating on using the remote for my camera. 

I used an ITY from Distinctive Sewing Supplies in a dark navy colour, it’s so comfortable and cool to wear, that I’ll enjoy wearing it well into the cooler weather of fall.

The pattern; Jalie 2805 Women’s T-Shirts was provided to me at no charge by Distinctive Sewing Supplies, so I could make it, review it, hack it, teach the hack, and then wear it with pleasure.  It’s one of those patterns that will never go out of style, a real staple in my sewing pantry.

right front
right front
side drape
left side
side drape
side right

After tracing off a front and back pattern piece, I deepened the front neck, extended the shoulders to just past the shoulders, and added side drapes.

I completed my T by using a rolled edge finish for the sleeves and draped hem, and a turned to the inside band. 

In this hands-on class, you’ll arrive with the front and back of your pattern traced off, and a ruler, pencils and a roll of pattern paper, and I’ll teach you how to hack your own pattern.

I don’t have the info on the time of my class yet, but if you attend, please let me know if you follow Distinctive Sewing Supplies or my blog.